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I dont if this bug is known but,

I was playing the game and enabled 2 cheats "killslender" And "speed" After i enabled them dont think they matter but i ran to a tree then i ran up it

so short: If you run up to a tree u run up a tree
its not really a bother but you should fix it

Thank you, I recognized this bug for a while but forgot to fix it it doesn't matter if you typed in these cheats or not that's a problem with the players step height.

When iam continuing the development of this game then I will definitely fix this error thank you for reporting!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the game :)

Can you please make a cheat that will take you to the older versions of the game? cause I think it is cool seeing how the game used to be. please make it go back when slender used to crawl. Thank you and sorry for posting a lot.

sorry for typing this report minutes after my last but this bug is really annoying. when the game is done loading and it is ready for you to play it says, "press enter to continue". I need to spam it in order for it to actually work.

you asked, "Did you press the save button after changing the settings?". yes I did. Btw not sure if you can fix this but can you make it so that the game updates automatically because every time I want the new version, I need to download it again.


today I am here to report a bug. for people like me, they need to turn down the quality so the game doesn't lag. first of all, (not sure if you can fix this) I turn down the quality and it is still laggy. But the main bug is that when you beat the game, (cool ending by the way!) the quality turns all the way back up. I play it again and I notice that the graphics are great but the movement isn't. I go to settings and I see that the quality is where I set it before, but it is still high quality. please fix this.

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Thank you for reporting this bug and moreover for being that active on supporting the development!  Did you press the save button after changing the settings? This might be your problem. Otherwise there has to be a problem with the saving-system. Iam going to check it anyways. 

| there will be a major update for slender - lonely home the next few days btw :P |

I have a suggestion (again)! this is just a small one though. can you make the flashlight have batteries and you can prevent the batteries from running out by turning the flashlight off. and maybe in those cabins you can put batteries in their.

well, thank you for the suggestion. I already thought about it but iam not sure if this mechanic might be annoying because you constantly have to watch out for batteries 


(sigh) yes I hate myself too but you know how I said their was a floating sign? well if you stand near one of the chairs that is closest to the floating sign, and you look down, at the bottom of the screen it says, "click to collect" when their is no sign. and if you keep clicking, each click counts as a page.
please fix this because it really bothers me. I know I always report glitches but that is because I want you to have a success of this game and want you, me, and others to enjoy this game. you have a great map and I don't want to let the bugs ruin it. and if you fix a lot of these bugs then when the full game comes out, you can release it on steam and make it cost.

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Well, first of all thank you for your massive Bug Reports and ideas! :) of course iam going to fix it in the next update but there will be a better looking & more optimized map in the upcoming update too.. stay tuned ;)

I have some plants for a story mission but right now I have to focus on the mechanics & environment.

Please let me now when you found any other bugs and also let me know if you have more ideas :)

Have a nice day!


when you go to the mansion, their is a floating sign. and I also think you forgot to add the stairs. please fix and respond. thank you!(PS this is a great game! keep it up! I also noticed that the mansion is from slender lonely home.)

Couldn't find slender man. I did not disable him by pressing one.

Well, currently there is a bug with the slender AI that iam going to fix right now.. stay tuned for the next update! :)

i can go through walls and textures :/ pressed b at the after spawning, maybe thats something with this

Hey if you are able to pass through walls inside the demo-zone then it's a bug and I would be thankful if you tell me the spot is. If you find some bugs outside of the demo-zone then it is just because the rest of the map isn't finished yet.

Cool game. Very well done. May I suggest changing the crosshair colour so it doesn't get confused with particle effects on some places?

Hey! Yes.. maybe i will change the color or make it less transparent at least. Thanks :)