v. 1.0 [PUBLIC BUILD]:
- Fixed script Errors
- Fixed Some UV´s
- Changed UI
- Some other final release stuff
-> probably the last release

v. 0.3.1 [PUBLIC BUILD]:
- Can´t climb trees anymore
- Debug logs are now disabled (caused performance drops)
- Added missing UI sprites
- Added some other UI elements
- Added occlusion culling for better performance

v. 0.2.5 [PUBLIC BUILD]:
- New map
- Optimized environment
- New page designs
- New & more ambient sounds
- More realistic movement
- Slender is more aggressive
- New trees & vegetation
- Removed strange noises
- Fixed page glitch
- Project cleanup

Added (UI icons, Ambientsounds, new area, another page spawn location, static screen, New teleporting system)
Changed(Flashlight intensity)
Improved(Slender AI)

Added (indoor footstep sounds, camera shake effect, option changes will now be saved)
Changed(slender only spawns after collecting at least 1 page, 2 page spawn locations)
Improved(Slender AI)
Removed(demo-border, some environment objects)

v. 0.2.3 [PUBLIC BUILD]:
Added (new tree model, page spawn location, map extension, page collecting particles, more ambient sounds)
Improved (Slender AI)

Added (Stamina cooldown, page shader, jumpscare sounds, new page spawn location)
Changed (Fog brightness, slender animation)

v. 0.2.2 [PUBLIC BUILD]:
Added (New paper spawn locations, title, brightness settings)
BugFix (small performance improvements (DISABLE SHADOWS FOR MORE FPS!))

Changed (Menu overlay, language, texture size)

BugFix (Slender spawned even when he was disabled)

v. 0.2.1:
Added (big Vegetation improvements, Singleplayer Optionmenu, Reflectionprobes, new Terrain Materials, ScreenSpaceReflection(SSR), changing Footstepsounds depending on Ground, Volumetric Lights + Fog)
Changed (Footstepsounds)

v. 0.2.0:
BugFix (Flashlight)
Added (Character energy, breathing sounds, DemoBorder[activate:n / disable:b], New Music, Vegetation improvements)
Changed (Pagecounter Overlay, Button Design)

v. 0.1.4:
BugFix(freeze after death, main menu performance improved, fixed glass shader, big performance improvement)
Added(loading screen, new font)

v. 0.1.3:
BugFix(Cursor disappeared sometimes in main menu, improved overlay, improved vegetation, player was stuck after respawning)
Added(singleplayer pause menu)
Info(Phantom0008 tested game version 0.1.1 and found glass shader bug)

v. 0.1.2:
Removed: ([ESC] key to close Game, Close game after death)
BugFix (Some pages could not be collected)
Added (Main Menu, Update log, Quit button, Singleplayer game button, Lock image for not available content, Main menu opens after death, disable key [Q] and enable key [E] for vegetation, Church and Spawn Vegetation, Particles in Main menu)

v. 0.1.1:
BugFix (Slender didn´t spawn, Slender didn´t chase the Player, Missing Sound on Flashlight)
Optimized (Slender Script, Lightning)
Added(Ambient Sounds, New Jumpscare)

v. 0.1.0:
First Release of Slender - New Hope

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