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Slender - Dark Woods

Play alone or with your friends and try to find all Pages, but be aware something is following you deep in the woods!

About this game: (Local Co-op playable!)

Slender - Dark Woods is based on Slender: The Eight Pages, but with a completely different environment, dynamic jumpscares & environment, modern graphics, new mechanics and a Co-op mode.
You can choose to play singleplayer or local co-op on 3 different difficulty levels.


  • Move: W,A,S,D
  • Interact: Left click
  • Zoom: Right click
  • Flashlight: F
  • Reload Flashlight: R
  • Run: Shift
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Menu: Escape

Controls (Player 2):

  • Move: left joystick
  • Interact: A
  • Zoom: LB
  • Flashlight: B
  • Reload Flashlight: X
  • Run: RB
  • Crouch: Y
  • Menu: Start

Recommended Specification:

  • GPU: DirectX 11 graphics card with 4 GB Video RAM or more (e.g. Nvidia GTX 960, AMD Radeon RX 570)
  • CPU: 3.2 GHz Quad core Processor
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • STORAGE: About 350 MB available space

A lower specification should also work but you might have to disable shadows and lower the graphics quality.


I do NOT own any rights of "Slender: The Eight Pages" and this is NOT an official "Slender" product. This is just a fan made game and it is not intended to make money. All revenues are considered as a support of the game developer & for new content. Not as an payment for the game! This game contains: jumpscares, flashing lights, loud noises, scary and disturbing content.

A way to support me:

Support me

This game is completely free to play but you can support me and the development of future games by donating :)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Slender-DarkWoods[Windows64Bit].zip 323 MB
Version 9
Slender-DarkWoods[Linux64Bit].zip 361 MB
Version 4
Slender-DarkWoods[Mac].zip 339 MB
Version 4

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i think this has to be the best slender game i have ever played it is way different from any slender game i've played

Me and my friends tried to join but couldnt start when there was 4 in the lobby but we could when we where 3 in the lobby so we had to ditch one plz fix

Thank you for reporting. But this game isnt in development anymore.  Iam working on a new multiplayer project, stay tuned


best slenderman experience ever.

idk if its just me but i dont think it works on mac


Me and my friend loved the game and enjoyed editing it and it had some glitches but not much well done making this game

Entertaining video, thanks for your comment :)


I enjoy the game just a little lag not too bad. I would play it again with a friend. 

Thanks! Of course, let me know when the next gameplay video is up! :)

I will let you and you're welcome 

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the game is zero optimized. nothing changes when i turn down the graphics and that sucks. you should make the motion blur identifiable otherwise it's just annoying, it lags all the time. but also looks exciting, but zero optimized, too bad. I do not like it. lets say: 4/10

wooooo achei bom demais o jogo, efeiots sonoros durante a gameplay é super imersivo e assutador, fiquei bem desfocado por que fiquei mais brincando do que dando atenção a todos os detalhes do jogo mas eu amei, ainda vou postar um video desse jogo que ja está sendo encaminhado pra postar https://www.youtube.com/c/RogerAlgumaCoisa


Awesome game, some little bugs but 8/10


Nice Game bro, still work in it. 8/10


Nice game !

Hi! I played a game with my friend and here is how it went:
Server setup was fine, first time there was a problem (me as the host didn't join the game itself) but setting up a new game fixed it.

We really enjoyed the graphics and the atmosphere, it's really cool! Would've wished for fullscreen/window settings but that wasn't such a huge problem.

Also loved the battery system, too bad I realized it too late and figuring out how to use batteries. xD Maybe a little intro/tutorial window.

Now for some criticism.
First of all, we would've loved to start at the same point and/or maybe have a big map to check where the other one and everything is. I understand it serves the revive system, but then maybe just a big map.

At the beginning we really were scared, but as soon as we saw slender man, sadly that went away. His model is... tiny? The style also doesn't really seem to fit in.
His appearences didn't scare me because he spawned behind me so I didn't even see him.
Also him just dropping from the sky was sadly unatmospheric.

I think this "unscary slender man" is the biggest problem.

That's all, otherwise we really enjoyed the game even though we maybe won a little too easily. ^^ We stayed together and therefore could revive each other every time. Maybe the pages could be in some of the houses instead of just outside, so the houses and keys have some purpose.

I really hope you look back into this because it's overall an awesome game, especially since you made it alone, mad respect for that!

Hope I could be of some help, feel free to contact me for more info or feedback. ^^


Well as you started the server and didnt join the game, did you got a error or did the game crash?

Haha yeah in my future projects I am going to implement more interactive tutorials or dialog boxes!

The online mode was designed to explore and cooperate with your friends but everyone should go their own path and try to find pages, batteries and keys on their own. But I agree with you I might should have added a option to join with your friends on the same spot. Lets see what the future brings ;) Also a big map would have been a nice idea!

I did not make him that tall because I wanted him to enter interiors but I know that this kind of ruined the atmosphere haha

The revive system is a kind of prototype so you can tricks it really easy
Normaly pages also spawn indoors that is the reason for collecting the keys maybe that was just a bad coincidence

Thank you it was really a piece of hard work ^^

I really appreciate your honest and extensive feedback! I hope to see you on my next projects :) !


I wount work on linux FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!

Bruh my friends cant evn join my game what is with this game.

can u release a optimized version bcs my computer is running this game on ass frame per second so can u add an option to lower down the resolution??

I might publish a fix for that soon but at the moment I am working on another project and I really want to focus on that first

Does the online user server regions, and if so can you change them? My girlfriend can join my game find but my friend in Germany can't join our game and we can't join his. We're in the US if that matters.


hey, yes the network tries to find the best possible server in your region to connect. Anyways if you create a room then everyone no matter what region he's in should be able to join your room maybe try again a couple more times. Have a awesome day!

Nope, failed every time and we were trying for about 20 minutes straight. All my friends in the US (east coast) could join us no problem, but my German friend couldn't connect no matter what. German friend hosted and none of us in the US could find his game either. Kept saying the game doesn't exist for whoever was trying to join. Appreciate the reply though. Game was fun even though we had to play without a man.

hm okay, I am sorry for that I might publish a fix soon but currently I am working on a new project and I really want to focus on that. I am glad you enjoyed the game anyways :)


Pretty neat! Just a few issues:

The biggest problem was the fact that slender doesn't walk at all. And when he drops in, it's slightly scary maybe the first time, but once you realize that he's just going to spawn in and stand and stare, it's not scary anymore because you can easily manipulate him. 

One thing I miss from the original slender games was the fact that he'd be posted up at a distance a lot before you even encountered him, sowing fear into the players before actually hitting people with the real spook.

Player movement was also a bit much. You bob around a little too much, and you retain momentum more like you were on wheels as opposed to walking.

Other than that, we enjoyed it! Let me know if you update slender to be more threatening, then I might come back and play some more!

thank you for the honest feedback! Yeah I agree with you the jumpscares aren't scary over time. That's a good point but for now I am not going to further develop this game in its mechanics. Currently I am working on other projects and I want to fully concentrate on those. The player movement was supposed to be a bit wiggly but a few people already said that this is a bit too much. Thank you! Like I said I am working on a new project I would love to hear your feedback when it's released so maybe consider a follow 😉 anyways have a great day!

Make update for mac and linux pls

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Online Multiplayer didn't work at all for me which is sad because i really wanted to test it out with a friend. We can't even join our lobbies.

me and my friend are trying to play together in the new online mode. but whenever the lobby leader presses start only one person joins the actual game and the other is just stuck on the menu. are we doing something wrong?

(1 edit)

Both of you have to close and start the game once again then when you are in a room the leader have to press only ONCE the start button even if the same screen remains only click the start button ONCE and wait till the game gets loaded then everything should work 


thanks!! i will try

Deleted post

Thank you! For you guys there will be an update which adds online coop up to 4 players. Coming soon! :)


We loved every Slender Game you created by far! Now we are looking forward to the upcoming Game PROTOTYPE01 you're creating at the moment! We hope we can support and help you to make this Game one of the best Indie Horror Game on this platform! Keep it up!!

Greetings - Daddelkutter


Did this game on a stream and it was pretty fun. Loved the minimap and yeah, it's still hard to collect all the pictures! It's the 6th game and it starts @ 1:56:30
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Slenderman gameplay lagged a bit on my PC. Just a heads up for anyone who watches...this game was good though. will definitely play it again!!



I love Slenderman!


Thx for the Game! And GL! 👻

And thank you for playing! :)

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Review below video

This games amount of effort was awesome. Good tension and a detailed environment lead to some scary moments. The mechanics were cut and dry, but they fit well together. Unfortunately this game lacks in one key area. Slender Man himself. His model is gangly and gaunt. It instills fear. What doesn't instill fear is the call of duty level-up sound that play every time you look at him. A loud noise that literally notifies you when you're in danger, and becomes extremely repetitive after, say, two light gasps. The original Slender Man game was terrifying because the only way you knew u were about to die was the static. There were no flashy noises and green outlines, no keys to buildings and big open maps. It was simple and effective, this game has taken away that key air of uncertainty away with a single auditory que. That a blunder my guy. Also fix your cheat menu. I opened it by accident (bound to C) and I couldn't close it afterwards. Killed my first attempt lol. 
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Wow this has to be the best slender man game so far, for a free game bud it was bloody teriffic, the game ran smooth and the environment and atmosphere was scary as hell.Those jumpscares omgggggggg, great game thank you for making this 10/10

Thank you! Would love to see another video on hard mode ;)

I may down the track do a hard mode bud, thanx for watching and making a great game.


I really enjoy this slender experience. I've played a bunch over the years and I'll admit this was INSANELY hard for me lol but I it was polished and well made with all of the details. Thank you so much for all your hard work and one day I vow to beat it XD 


I am glad to hear! Another video would be amazing :)


I'll be sure to give it a go when I'm feeling braver lol but it was a lot of fun I'd be honored to :D 


The scariest Slender game in years. This game has a great atmosphere, incredible ambience, and amazing overall gameplay.

Thank you!!


do you have similar multiplayer projects dbd on slender?

it would be cool to see a 4v1 with a more or less large map, in my opinion it would be a great success! (the killer is random among the 5 players in the lobby)

in the future i hope i can see great slender multiplayer, you are the best in this horror genre.


I won't do any new slender projects. Slender dark woods is my last slender type game I worked on.

I might add some smaller updates for the game but like I said there will be no next slender game.

Maybe I am going to add some king of multi-player in my upcoming projects :)

I really thank you! I am glad to hear and I hope to see you also on my next projects :)

Have a nice day!

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I played with my friend via keyboard and mouse and he PAD of the XBOX and I must say that everything works great, little sore point the last page is nowhere to be found, we played hard and we quit nothing haha.


Thank you for the feedback!
I remember that you had a problem with playing coop because of the deadzone issue.
I am glad to hear that everything is working fine now :)
Hmm maybe try to play on normal or easy mode because there is a minimap for each player which will give you a better overview of places where you already have been.

Have a nice day!


it doens't work on local multiplayer every time i want to play my character on cotroller starts spinning

thank you for reporting! I am going to publish a update, with (hopefully) a fix for that, soon

Stay tuned!

could you solve it

yes, at least for the most cases



Hello sir, when i launch the game i get an Unityplayer.dll problem, i tried to download that dll online and place it in the directory and i get another error which says: failed to load mono

help me please i'm excited for this game! :(

sorry that was my fault I added the missing files. Please update the game / get the latest release. Please message me if you are able to play the game thank you have a nice day! :)


Thank you sir! works great!


Hi, when I try to turn on the game i get missing UnityPlayer.dll. How can I fix this problem ?

are you running the game on a windows computer?


Yes I'm playing it on windows

sorry that was my fault I added the missing files. Please update the game / get the latest release. Please message me if you are able to play the game thank you have a nice day! :)


Now game is working perfectly. I played it for a while and it's amazing. Good job, looking for your next projects.

Okay, thank you! :)


Guys, you HAVE TO PLAY this Game!, Maybe the best Slender game we played! So much fun and pretty tough. Love all games of Lxme. Please check out the other games as well. Lonely Home was much fun too!

Thank you! :)


The game doesn't work on Mac, says unknown error

You are right the problem is that the engine I used for this game has no mac and linux library and I am currently not able to fix this problem sorry


Great game! Can't wait to see more from you! I give it a 5 star rating! :D

Thank you!!!

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