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I cant load in when im trying to play Online with my friend. But my friend loads in. Can u help?

after the sixth note, we did not find anything for an hour of playing

Slenderman doesn't do shi


I played it in Co-op mode and i found some problems:

- Player 2 Can't hear Page sounds in Easymode
- If Player 1 is AFK, at some point Slender will wait behind him but won't do anything.
- Player 2 walked on its own, and also moved the camera slightly but permanently (XBox Controller). When i flipped the input settings, it also flipped the direction in which Player 2 moved automatically. If you switch the Controller off, it will still move like before, but if you go into pause menu and then switch it off, Player 2 will stand still like no Controller is connected.
- At some houses when Slender is on the terrain, Slender can't "kill" through the porch (because of invisible assets?). Causing him to just stand there and look into your direction.

Nonetheless we had so much fun playing this well made game and the sounddesign is also insane! Thank you for developing :)


Well, thank you for your feedback!

There can´t be more than 1 audiolistener in one scene, which is attached to the main player (player 1). Unfortunately I didn´t found a solution for that.. Well, but it is intended that slender is only interacting with the player if he is seen by one of them. Which values did appear on players 2 upper left corner? Did you move the joysticks before the HUD showed up? If not then go to: settings -> controls and then press the button remove deadzone this might help. Yeah.. thats a problem some colliders are inbetween you and slender which will return that slender isn´t seen by the player.

I am glad to hear that you liked the game anyways :) I hope to see you also on my upcomming projects!
Have a awesome day! :)

no one cares



One of the home that close behind you when you open the door after it close itself you can stuck yourself in :c

Well.. thanks for reporting I am trying to fix it with the next update!

When i am playing local coop with my brother he is walking without moving the stick of the controller and i don't now how to fix it I tried it more time before i start the game but it is every time the same.

thanks for reporting.. that is really strange do you use a xbox controller? When I am conntecting my controller everything is running properly and I do not move without moving the joystick... maybe try to switch the two joysticks in the input settings when you start the application.


I am using a Xbox controller too. I will try to fix it 

If the problem remains then I think it has to do something with the called "input dead zone". Quick explanation.. Some Controllers have an idle input of up to 0.3 which causes the player to move without any "known" input.. However that is a bit harder to fix because I am not able to let the users individually customize this dead zone.

maybe it is the dead zone. Before I start the game there are the controller settings horizontal and vertical and x y.  Which is the walk stick setting?

horizontal and vertical is for movement, x and y is for the camera movement