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I LOVED the game, it made me remember the terror of playing those horror games in those days ... only I couldn't complete it, for some reason I didn't find more than 4 pages in 5 games that I played ... probably a bug? ? but the atmosphere immerses you in that terror that we love as lovers of this type of games .. for me 10/10 ... I leave the video of the gameplay that I realize hehe is in Spanish 😁👋✌

Hola ;)

Yeah, its really hard to find all pages on this huge map, but it was funny to watch anyways :D
thank you for the great video & your feedback!


Great game! Hopefully I can try out the multiplayer soon.

Video Link:


Thank you & also thank you for your entertaining video and honest feedback!
You are definitely right, it can get really frustrating finding the last few pages on this huge map.
Maybe Iam going to add a sound when the Player is nearby a page or something to make it easier for the player to spot the pages..
Anyways hopefully sometime I can watch you testing coop :)

the 2nd player comincia at prium dare tare the visual at the velocity of dioporco and nothing i cant play coop




has the same problem as mine means :)


when i try to start the application it just quits (im on a mac)

Thanks for reporting! I am trying to fix it with the next update

does this game work with 4gb ram?

yes it should but you may have to decrease the render distance

but i can't open it. It doesn't let me


this game is awesome as I find it very fun to play at night time

Thank you :)


THIS GAME WAS SO SCARY!!! THE MOMENTS WHEN HE CHASE YOU ARE WELL BUILT UP! the only con is that you can't go in some buildings and it's not optimized the best, but other than that it was a TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE!!!

Thanks man! which buildings exactly can´t be entered? Great & entertaining video :)

I think it was my first Slender game. I was pleasantly surprised how good the visual part is. It felt very well done! Slender is creepy, but at the end of my vid he decided to be my friend. That was unexpected, but fun! Just a little suggestion: I know it's a "find the notes" type of a game, but maybe add some additional jump scares/gameplay elements, or just make it a bit easier to find the notes, cause for me it was a little bit too long. Thanks for a quality product!!! 

really entertaining video!

Thank you! Yeah haha... slender was stuck on the ground which causes him to not recognize you however thank you for playing and your suggestions I am definitely going to add some more dynamic jumpscares 

Greetings :)

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Hey! This was a fantastic game. It was different enough from the originals to be really fun and cool, but was incredibly faithful to the original format. I can't wait to see what else you make! Good stuff!


Thank you!

I am glad you enjoyed the game :)


The game look fantastic, the environments and sounds are really creepy, and the noises that Slenderman makes when you see him are on point.

Why the hell do i have to wait 2 hours for this to download


Hello! Do You recommend playing Dark Woods or Lonely Home? They both look great!

Both are free so why not testing both? ;)
(only Slender - Dark Woods provides a coop mode)

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Ok, thanks! I’ll try both! It’s nice to see active Slender Man games!


miss controller optimization, player two always points the camera up


hm okay.. are you using a xbox Controller? 

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i need to set up the controller. From the launcher I tried but it's the same thing .. or it went but there was another problem like walking by itself


thats strange.. maybe try to change the left walking stick with the right looking stick in the input settings when starting the game

I've tried everything but nothing, it still doesn't work ..


I did a research on the internet to hopefully solve the problem. Check if you have any Joystick simulators like vJoy installed. If so you have to disable it or at least reset your bindings to the default settings.


This one's pretty cool. I rarely beat Slender Man games but it's always fun trying. The game looks really nice too. I'll definitely play this one some more. Great job!


"Is that a pee stain on the chair? Damn savage" i can´t haha

Thanks man, I really appreciate!
Great gameplay, greetings :)


Awesome Job Dev, nice game and the Graphics are Cool. :)

I appreciate!

Thank you for your walkthrough :)


this game is nice

Thank you! :)


I couldn't look around with the mouse. It will zoom with right click but doesn't move at all.


You should try to change the mouse sensitivity in the settings menu

maybe that will solve the problem



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