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... is a story-based horror game in which you play as a reporter named Daniel Parker.  Strange things happend after a man burned during a fire in his hotel room. People who stayed in this room are missing. Your task is to find information about what happend to clarify the case, but sooner or later you find yourself trapped ...


  • Move: W,A,S,D
  • Interact: Left click
  • Zoom: Right click
  • Run: Shift
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Menu: Escape

Recommended Specification:

  • GPU: DirectX 11 graphics card with 4 GB Video RAM or more (e.g. Nvidia GTX 960, AMD Radeon RX 570)
  • CPU: 3.2 GHz Quad core Processor
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • STORAGE: About 200 MB available space

A lower specification should also work but you might have to disable depth of field and lower the graphics quality.

This game is completely free to play but you can support me and the development of future games by donating :)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Surreal, Survival Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, YouTube


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Loop86 [Win-64bit] 101 MB
Version 1
Loop86 [Win-32bit] 99 MB
Version 1
Loop86 [Mac] 117 MB
Version 3
Loop86 [Linux-64bit] 127 MB
Version 1


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The first game i played and hey the game is pretty good just was so confused at the jumpscares getting me at random times but still great game :)

Great game! Loved it :) Had some difficulties to find the last "key" hehe

Hungarian playthrough:

Awesome thank you for sharing your gameplay! :)

Hey im just curious if theres a way to fix the video tearing? The v-sync option somehow seems to make it worse. I really want to play this for my stream today so if anyone has any suggestions thatd be great.

Tearing should be fixed if vsync is on otherwise try to disable depth of field this consumes a lot of performance

i have it all on low with every effect option off. I tried vsync. Its still got pretty bad video tearing. Is it my system? Bc ive seen gameplay that looks incredibly smooth. I have an i7 2600k, 16gb ram, dual fan 1050ti

your cpu could cause a bottleneck. Last option would be to overclock your cpu but only if you know what you do


:D i play this game 4 times to know how to get good ending... @@ some note hard too see.. but i get good ending now ! thank you for game !!! @@

Thank you for playing! :)


love your game thank you :):):)

hello, i downloaded the linux file,but im on a chromebook and apparently the file won't open from the folder. is there someting i can do? are there commands for the terminal to open the game? thank you :)

Hey :), other people had the same issues and unfortunately I dont know how you can fix it. I am not a linux user but on windows there is a feature to start a programm on compatibility-mode. Maybe there is something like that on linux machines too. 


Hey, J'ai testé ce super jeu ! Bravo pour la réalisation en 24h !

voici ma vidéo :)


Great little game! It was a pretty faithful interpretation of PT but had its own charm with the hiding mechanics here's my Vid for my reaction! <3 

Don't forget to Sub if you like it!

i aint gone lie this one fasho got me!!!! great game look forward to some future games👍💯


VERY COOL GAME! It did the P.T. loop kind of style really well and the audio cues and sound effect were crisp too! 


Very atmospheric and the sound effects were pretty solid, i have also enjoyed that you have to figure a way out of the loop instead of just opening the exit. Really cool experience and thank you for making this!

Que miedo estar atrapado en un hotel y no poder salir! Esta muy bueno este juego.


This game was super neat, idk why some people are having performance issues (running a 2070 tho), but anyways, good job devs :D 

Depth of Field is optimized REALLY poorly. On my 2060 it drops me down to 5-10 FPS on High, 10-20 FPS on Medium, turning it off instantly jumps me back to 30 on High 60 on Medium. It also jumps rendering latency up to about 300-350ms

Not sure what resolution it's running at but if it's at Native I'm running in 4k.

I really liked the game, it was very spooky, I was very pressured by the man who got burned. Great Job! 

Great job!  I really look forward to seeing what else you work on in the future, game had really good atmosphere, effects were real cool, and definitely got me spooked, even went back to get both endings!  Cheers!  

I really appreciate!

Thank you for uploading your gameplay and that kind comment have a great day :)

Loop 86 Gameplay + Good Ending 

scary games
(1 edit)

Had a really fun time playing this PT inspired horror game.  I enjoyed the puzzles you had to do in order to move on from the loop. A few more would be good. The jumpscares caught me off guard a couple times. Hear my full opinions over on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJSIkX1CIv_ek9W3Aki34Q

An Indie P.T. clone horror game.

#PT #Horror #haunted #itchio #YouTube #Indie #loop86 #Gamehauntings

Absolutely great.

i shit my self at the end

I enjoyed this but I quickly became numb to the jump scare. I liked that you had to figure out how to progress to new  loops rather than just opening a door to carry on. Good work dev.

This actually managed to scare me! Love the design and overall atmosphere!

Had some scares, nice P.T. clone. Nicely done!

Du hast das Spiel echt geil gemacht! Noch nie war die Vorfreude so groß um dieses Spiel zu Spielen! Es war sehr interessant zu sehen welches Feedback du zu Herzen genommen hast und wir sind mit deinen Ergebnis sehr zufrieden! Wir freuen uns schon auf deine nächsten Projekten!

Grüße - Daddelkutter

Really Enjoyed This Game Was Fun With The Loop Like The Puzzle Took Me Quite Sometimes To Figure It Out But It A Great Game

Pretty spooky. Wasn't able to finish as I got stuck and unable to figure out how to continue but I had fun in the meantime.

I dont normally play horror games but i just played this on stream and man was it good. it made me jump and feel uneasy. A fantasist game that you should play NOW! 

Really enjoyed this great game. Made me jump a couple of times :) 
I ended up with the bad ending, will deffo okay again to see if I can get the good ending! 

Keep up the great work :) 

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Good afternoon, I would like to talk to the game developer! do you have an idea for cooperation, do you have a vk can you answer me?


I really enjoyed playing this! A small improvement, if I may suggest, is the character tends to get stuck on the lamps when running down the hall. I've almost been a caught a couple times due to that. Other than that everything else was smooth sailing. ~ Great job Dev!


Yeah I should have disabled the lamp colliders.. But thank you for the feedback!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you for uploading, great video! :)


Really good horror game, had good tension to it and story


Thanks! :)


This was a great PT-style game! I personally like games better when a developer takes a small setting and gives a lot of attention to detail vs. having a large map that's full of nothingness. And, small as the hallway was, I STILL managed to have a hard time finding everything I needed to find. But at no time did the game feel unfair. Even finding that one lovely clue (that I'm not going to spoil here but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about because I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggled to find it) was not what I'd call unfair, because once you spotted it, it was pretty obvious and I felt like a dope. I also liked that you wrote a story for the game. It was short, but I think stories give context to what makes a game scary. You could have made the same game without any of the dialogue, and many of us would still have played and enjoyed it, but I love stories because they captivate us as players and make us want to find out what's going on. That's a good mechanic to have when your game involves things such as collecting papers, because many games give us no reason to want to collect the papers. Your story kept me intrigued enough to keep searching (even though I didn't find them all). Keep making games! I'm interested to see what kind of stories you will write when your games become lengthier! 

First of all thank you for uploading your video and sharing your experience! I really appreciate that! Yeah this was my first story-based game so I had a pretty rough time to create a story that could have to potential to let the player want to solve the case. I know what you mean the last "thing" you have to trigger in order to proceed is a bit hard to find at first but I wanted to integrate something that the player is not expecting. I am trying to improve as much as I can over the time and feedbacks like yours help me to do that so thank you! I would love to see you also on my upcoming projects! However keep up and have an great day! :)


This Game is Crazy scary 10/10 LxmeStudxos I didnt Escape Part 2 will all endings is coming soon!!

Youtuber: FifthLeafKeizzy


Hahaha This Video Was Fun To Make!!! And A Really Fun Game To Play!!

Twas the second game in my video where I played 3 Scary Games.

It was honestly one of the best looking indie games I've played and it has a lot of potential to become a full game.

Please develop more games, you know how to do so :)

O and the point of this comment, check out the video if you want to see "great" content. 

Thank you for uploading! :)

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