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Kind of too easy ? But the graphisms were really greats ! Noises a little bit too... Weirds, but still creepy, it was a nice game but things can be improved ! Keep going, you did great !


Thank for this game ! 

Your welcome, thanks for your gameplay


cool graphics! heavy environment, suspense and chills.

thank you for the kind feedback, nice gameplay:)


Creepy game, i love it.

Thank you!


This is LEGIT my first time playing ANY slenderman game!!!



Ya es la segunda ves que subo un video de este juego a mi canal.

muy buen juego y las mecánica de la llave agrega mucho simple pero efectivo.

aquí mi video

Muchas Gracias!


Hello, I played your game and it was interesting but... the game crashed twice on me. Which I am not sure why that is.

Also if you wanna know more. Check out my video below. Still, thanks for making this game. Not bad.

Insanely creepy game, but I loved it!

Really cool game !

This game is great. The atmosphere was lacking a lil bit, but when Slender popped out of no where, that's what made up for it. That's what scared me the most during this game. Still a Great Game Though.

This was a weird game. The sounds were creepy all the way, the visuals fantastic but the actual gameplay mechanics especially when it came to Slenderman were weird and it definitely took me out of the game a little.

I still enjoyed it though and I recommend this one. It really is creepy.

Thank you for the feedback!

If you are also intrested, I would like to hear your review on Slender - Dark Woods (



Great Game ! The Design of Slendy are fantastic ^^

Keep it up , Greeaaaaaaat Game !!!!!!! :=D


its a awesome game it scare me a few times sub to my channel enjoy


LOVED this game! Got some good scares for me! I hope people make more Slender games like this. I hope you find my Let's Play enjoyable.


looks good 


Hello! Loved the feel of this game and it looks amazing =) Didn't really understand the crying woman but it still had a very old school slender feel to it. I played it as part of my "3 scary games" series so hope you enjoy!


I really enjoyed this and i'm definitely going to give your other Slender game a go. I gave you a follow as i'm interested in what other games you create in the future. Keep up the great work!


Thanks a lot!
I already watched your video and it´s super entertaining! Keep on :)
Iam also really excited to see your gameplay of Slender - New Hope!

... there will be a update in the next few days so maybe you should wait till its released ;)

Thank you very much I really appreciate that it means a lot i'll definitely keep going and I'm glad you will too! 

Oh I'll definitely be playing that :D

Amazing game just have trouble finding keys/papers im confused but the game looks awesome

Deleted 3 years ago

It's amazing and done incredibly well, using your own expectations to screw with you. A game doesn't need to be a jumpscare fest to be scary or fun


Thank you I really appreciate:)


Hey! if you like slenderman games, check my own 
fan game, i'm hard working on and i'd like to
show it to all fans!


Such a beautiful game, smooth and nice.


me and my brother played it was way to hard you only got jump scared once by slender


i like the game skip to 10:58


I liked the style and the atmosphere. Sounds were also good but some of them were really unnecessary. Overall nicely done. 

Incredible atmosphere! The game really does well at creating fear without shoving a monster in your face or jump scaring with loud noises as most games tend to do.

I noticed you’re working solo and you’re sourcing sounds from the unity store.

I was wondering if you’d be open to getting someone to create custom sound effects or tracks for you? If you wanna talk more here’s my email:

If you’d rather stay as a solo that’s all good! No hard feelings! Best of luck on your future games! 


Hello! Just curious. How much of this game is Assets?


I really like the game. I'm not sure whether you have intended it, but it has a really cool meaning. If you look on the comments of Markilpier's video, '3 Scary Games #33', Momzashi explained it really well in the comments.

'At the end of the game, we see this quote:
"Limits, like fear, is often an illusion."
"Slender - Lonely Home"
Despite this being a Slender-Man game, our antagonist never appears but once.

Is this game's existence purely just to play on your fear? You know who Slender is, you know what he does, but nothing happens? You see him for a split second, but then he disappears. Gone, zap, cabloosh.
Whenever you collect the pages, it's supposed to get harder, as all Slender games do. If so, then why do we remain alone? The sounds change, but that was just to keep you on your toes. The radio playing the scary noises, the thumping, the shuffling around the house. Was there any REAL cause? Was there an actual entity causing these noises? Or was it just fear our character was experiencing?
Lonely House.

It's almost like Slender-Man was never there.'


thank you for letting me know and posting this great Comment!
The game is mostly based on its sounds and slender will not show up that often because i tried to scare the players with their own fears..

If you want to you can check out my profil to also play my last slenderman game.

Thank You :)


Seriously the atmosphere was amazing, terrified me to the core.


Thank You!

Not a bad game, nice graphics and atmosphere. Some good creepy vibes as the noises got louder behind some closed doors. I didn't unlock those doors lol.

Would have liked to have been able to change the mouse sensitivity, I found it tricky to play. Also, it was quite difficult to see the key in the top hall before getting the torch, might have been better to have it sitting on a more open table. As others have said, Slender didn't really show up much. Still, good game, enjoyed playing it.

Your right maybe iam going to add a settings menu.

Thanks for your comment!
also great gameplay! :)


Pretty good looking game, wish Slender showed up more, rather than standing by the exit at the very end.

Still I enjoyed it!


Great atmosphere, but it is a little too hard to find things sometimes, especially before you find the flashlight. I wish Slenderman would appear more often and follow you as an actual threat, instead of just popping up once as a jumpscare (I didn't see him until I had already got 8/8 and was near the exit).


Cool slender game!  Gave it a try and thought it was scary!  Great job! 


Thanks! Awesome video!


SKIP TO 6:52!!!

Great gameplay!


hi, big thx for the demo- greetings from rosti

Schön auch mal ein deutsches Video über das Spiel zu sehen! :) Kleiner Tipp weil du so verzwifelt nach dem schlüssel gesucht hast: Wenn du in der oberen Etage dem Geländer entlang folgst, stößt du auf einen umgekippten Schrank und hinter diesem Schrank befindet sich der Schlüssel ;)
Trotzdem ein durchaus unterhaltsames Gameplay!


Thanks for making another Slender game, if you wanna check out my video on it then here it is! hope you enjoy!

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Really missed your gameplays, awesome video!


Find and collect 8/8 writes. The setting and sounds are frightening :)

Thanks a lot!


I really liked this. So many Slendy games are disappointing, but though short, this is pretty sweet! I only saw Slendy once though. 

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Well thanks for reviewing the game!

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